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    Day 1 timetable

    By Kelliem

    Hi guys,

    This is the day 1 timetable. It is not set in stone but is a good indication of how the day will run. Day 2 & 3 timetables will be created following the debrief each day -they will mainly be full-on group work with a couple of get togethers (likely after m/tea and after lunch).

    Time of finishing is 2.45pm. Confirmed time! Embarassed


    Mentors hand out T-shirts, and get students to sign in


    Welcome, safety briefing, behaviour expectations, ‘hype up’ video (short)


    Groups announced -naming groups and making stickers (Team names recorded on the board)


    ‘All in Team’ game (teachers included) -Hospital tag (remember cones!)


    Teachers told concept -brainstorm list of possible binary opposites together

    10.16 (hee hee)

    Workshops run by Isaac- editing, Kellie- storyboarding, Allanah-Camera angles, Jamie-sound/music, Karilyn -Camera shots/ emotive photography, green screen in iMovie with Warren Hall (middle & senior)


    Morning Tea


    Workshops run by Isaac- editing, Kellie- storyboarding, Allanah-Camera angles, Jamie-sound/music, Karilyn -Camera shots/ emotive photography, green screen in iMovie with Warren Hall (middle & senior)


    Student ‘experts’ feedback what they have learnt to their team or workshop teams present to whole group


    Concept given to students




    Planning storyboarding / test shots until end of day


    Home for students (Mentors sign out students as they leave)


    De-brief for teachers (home time 3.45pm for teachers)

  • Hi,

    check out the link to kids vid website on the resources page.

  • Hi guys,

    Last year we had a 1 minute limit on the films. This was to ensure that there was a focus on the visual impact of the movie (we also had no voice -most movies were accompanied with a music score only). If we are looking to have our movies shown at State Cinema 6 should we make them a bit longer? Cass expressed concern that she would not have been able to make hers any longer last year.

    We could make it up to 3 minutes? What do you think? I would like to see them kept short and effective personally as opposed to allowing them to get longwinded -we do only have 3 days!!

    I checked out the V 48hour film website and they have between 1 and 7 minutes as their duration requirements (schools can enter that comp too did you know !!??)

    What do you think?

  • Premiere:

    We have the opportunity to hold our premiere at State Cinema 6 as part of their 75 year anniversary. I received this email yesterday;

    "We would love to make this a Super Dooper event for the kids so sound them out about getting dressed up like they were going to the oscars! 
    We will have a red carpet and photographers and the newspaper and radio there.
    I presume early evening would be best - what time would you suggest they arrive on Saturday 2nd July so I can start planning around the arrival time?
    What would some of the kids think about being picked up and driven to the cinema in Classic Cars for a grand entrance?
    I thought the kids might all like to do posters or flyers to stick up around Nelson about the event.
    As for ticket sales - I think if the kids sell the tickets and you think of a price that is going to suite your market. You could go crazy and charge $2 for the kids and more for the adults. Try and fill the cinema of 196 seats. Invite the Mayor. Invite a few famous people - you never know. Tell the TV! 
    Radio Nelson - that is Radionetworks 41 Selwym Pl, have exclusive radio rights to this event. They will be the ones there on the day. ie Classic Hits/ ZM"
    -Louise in promotions

    Do we use this as our full premiere and use the Suter for a 'Flick it on!' premiere in term 3?

  • Points of Difference for 2011

    • Open day - teachers/parents/others
    • Student mentors (Year 8s)
    • Link Learning Cluster
    • Theme/context for films announced at the festival!
    • Choice of tools/harware etc.
    • Film Festival is a fun training ground for teachers & students
    • Premiere @ Suter Gallery

    Follow-up - Making it sustainable

    • Back at school/Flick it on! (apple loop, pc loop) cluster schools contributing (Time Frame: Term 3 - 2011)
    • Connect with other teachers in your own school to create a flick it on loop (Time Frame: Term 4 - 2011/Term 1 - 2012)