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  • If there was ever a journey with learners that 'shook my tree' since I began my teaching career - this is it! Sandie feels the same way. It's title ended up being called - Little Boxes - a learning journey outside the square. Having presented workshops at ULearn Christchurch in October 2010, then L@S Rotorua February 2011 and presenting to the King Country Cluster in the last holiday break April 2011. Both Sandie and I have "shelved" the presentation side of it. Sorry to the Coalface Cluster, as I know there have been some who were interested in finding out more about it. There are links on the coalface wikisite to a Prezi presentation and it's also written up in here, under Coalface Resources. In the VLN I hope to share some reflections about what the learning journey achieved.  

  • This is a really cool programme for stats and world view discussions - and its free. You can view the progress of world nations over the last 200 years in a number of criteria such as wealth and health.


  • Kia ora everyone! Lovely to meet with principals and lead teachers this morning.  I really enjoyed hearing about what is happening in your schools and I so look forward to visiting you all.


    I am wondering what decision was made around a platform for reflection and sharing.  To me the VLN makes sense as a place to do this - one login, it sends updates etc. but I do also appreciate that you have set up wikis that function really well also - so it just comes down to what ever tool best suits your needs.


    I look forward to following your journey! Laughing



  • Everyone has been asking about the use of the VLN. I have found this site very useful.
    This page introduces the VLN, how it's centralised portal to connect clusters to their own resources and each other. It also provides some clear instructions for using the VLN how to get started and what groups to join.


  • We worry about the speed of change and often talk about not knowing what the future will bring for our children (as if that could be a reason for keeping the status quo). In fact, we're constantly getting plenty of glimpses ahead. Here's one of them ... a place where we can communicate instantly and widely, share our ideas thru images, gather information as we need it and make complicated choices. Not too different to what we can do 2day - just a bit smoother.


Coalface Learning Community

Coalface Learning Community

Learning @ The Coalface -We are a group of 70 teachers representing 8 schools in the Waikato region. We're here to share - and to gather insight and ideas from like minded colleagues.