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  • HI Everyone

    I am the SENCO at Queenspark primary in ChCh and am planning to purchase the Steps for Literacy DVDs, namely Word Shark & Lucid Rapid Assessment.  I am keen to visit a school in Canterbury that is using these programmes and see them in action. If you can help me please email me at ajames@queenspark.school.nz

    Many thanks in anticipation smiley

  • SE Online has got a new team behind it and a whole new outlook!. Can't spill the beans just yet but there is work underway and expect to hear more about what's coming by March 2013.

  • …and I would like to thank all of the participants who came along to the SE Online Usability sessions.

    We ran 7 sessions alogether with teachers, SENCOs (Special Education Needs Co-ordinator), a deputy principal and a HOD Learning Support.

    By recording the experience of using the site and the participants' opinions and suggestions, the SE Online team can make sure the website delivers what users want, in a way that they can most easily find it.

    What's next?

    The good folk in our Web Services team are analysing the results and will provide a report with recommendations on how to name things, and where to put the content so users can find it easily.

    Third phase

    The third and last phase of testing is known as a tree test - to test that are we categorising the content in the right groups and that the names of the those groups make sense.

    This will be done as a quick online survey. We'll put out a call to find participants when that's ready to go. If you want to pre-register your interest just drop me an email or leave a comment.



    Are you a Wellington-based early childhood educator, primary, intermediate or secondary school teacher or principal - with or without experience of working with children or young people with special education needs? Are you a Special Education Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)?

    Click the image below to send an email registering your interest or leave a comment... thanks very much.



  • Thank you to all of our respondents who completed our first online survey. This User Research survey was to find out what information educators want provided on SE Online

    Our User Experience (UX) analyst is working on a report that collates the results into actions for the web team to use for the next phase of testing and building. 

    Preliminary results

    • We received 68 responses in total.
    • Respondents were employed in a broad range of educator sector roles.
    • The top three respondent groups were special education needs co-ordinators (SENCOs), school principals and and school teachers.
    • The majority of the respondents had 2 or more years experience in supporting children with special education needs.
    • 56% of respondents wanted an online discussion space to "bounce around ideas and solutions".
    • Tools and tips style information was preferred (in no particular order) for assistive technology, behaviour strategies, dyslexia, individual education plans, combination of disabilties, ASD, and working with parents/whānau.

    The next step…

    …is to analyse and apply these results to phase II - Usability testing - this will determine how the information should be categorised and whether the design of the website helps (or hinders) users being able to locate information quickly and consistently.

    Again many thanks for participating in the online survey.

    We'll keep you posted on phase II - Usability testing.

    Meg and the SE Online team


    Do you find it difficult to locate information online? 

    The SE Online team needs your help to find out what content is needed by early childhood teachers, teachers and schools.

    SE Online is an 'under development' website that is being built for those who work with, or teach children and young people with special education needs.

    To do that, we need your help to build it

    Do you have:

    • experience in working with children with special education needs?
    • 10 minutes to undertake an online survey?

    The User Research survey consists of 12 questions and should take 5-10 minutes to complete and will be open from Monday 28 November until Friday 9 December 2011.


    Help build the website, tell us what you need, take the survey at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/sewebresearch

    If you have any questions, queries or thoughts to share please