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  • Stac is in the process of getting Moodle up and running. We have PLG's (personal learning groups) and I am working with some other staff with Moodle. We are conducting some action research on various areas. I am interested in the use of Quizzes and tracking of data that Moodle can do. It seems like a good tool for the closed question in English and students could complete activities in here rather than workbooks. Plus it we could track who used it, when, what there results are etc. I would be interested to hear of any teachers that have created quizzes and it would be great to build up an exchange of quizzes that could be shared with teachers around NZ.

  • http://api.ning.com/files/0XrurrnF*5PB2Bu2QjQi-6ly1eDdWwRjxG3XV5VvyNxOLTFi2MLdsub0h-HOxEz*n2lTF9Oe-C7YDSOtG-5fM8gYgUu5JIXF/594263344.jpeg?xgip=98%3A0%3A477%3A477%3B%3B&width=64&height=64&crop=1%3A1

    Joyce Seitzinger wrote this thought-provoking post that lays down a challenge around the use of LMSs. It is well worth reading Cool

    She opens the post:

    "I have a hard truth to share with you. Our learning management systems are letting us down. They are not getting the job done.

    The slow rise of social learning

    Over the last decade, the internet has gone from a primarily static content distribution system, to a social publishing, communication and sharing environment. As we've seen this "social web" develop, several social learning theoretical frameworks have been developed and tested, including connectivismsocial constructivism and the conversational framework. These pedagogical models of learning remain at the periphery and have yet to achieve mainstream adoption." Read more..>>

  • ForumNG is an alternative forum for Moodle is now available as a plugin for Moodle 2.1.

    A sample of ForumNG may be viewed here.

    There is a discussion about this on Moodle.org which can be found here

    This post was orginianally made by Derek Chernside in the MLE Reference Group. To subscribe to this group visit mle-reference-group@googlegroups.com

  • Catalyst have been trialing a moodle hub for the past year with a number of NZ Schools. However, there are changes afoot. Watchdog will be taking over the Moodle Hub and install a fresh copy of it.

    We wait for configuration settings which I hope will not be too far away.

  • Information from moodleinschool.org.nz


    We will make the updates to 1.9, 2.0 and 2.1 available next week.

    A Moodle for NZ Schools 2.2 version will be available soon as well. We will just need a bit more time because we will be exchanging the Google Apps functionality so that it then also works for schools that have SSO set up. Stay tuned for more information on that once I have it.




  • Under the ideals of Watchdog and supporting teaching through professional development, they have introduced two groups, one in Auckland to support moodle schools and also another on in Christchurch to support schools in the Canterbury Region. Although Watchdog supply a moodle hosted service it is in reality to support schools that want to use moodle, be it hosted by Watchdog, Catalyst or hosted onsite, this is around open source and connectedness.

    The meeting main focus was on introducing the concpet of the refererance/support group and what the outcomes would be. It was agreed to share information about the product, what works for schools, what ideas they have come up with and the ability to share ideas and settings/configurations.

    Discussion came around to Regional meetings, these would be run by people that have an interest in the area, Gerard MacManus in Christchurch and Mark Osborne in Auckland, they will have a show and tell aspect, updates from Watchdog/Catalyst and idealy one meeting in each term.

    One of the focusses from the meeting was around the forum that already exists, http://moodleinschools.org.nz this is a great way to ask for help, get ideas/solutions and put through thoughts on changes that would help the community.

    There was also talk around the moodle hub trial http://www.moodleinschools.org.nz/forum/topics/4251 to get access to the moodle hub trial need to contact Kristina at Catalyst

    End of Year Rollover, this is an issue with SMS-LMS interoperability, the suggestions that have come out of this is to back all courses up and have them in one folder that can be hidden from students and have the ability for teachers to restore their course, there are some issues around this that are being sorted out and will hopefully have a better solution shortly.

    Moodle plug ins

    Burnside have been proactive and paid for a drag and drop plug in to be added to moodle in schools nz build, but this is not sustainable for one school to do. Discussion came up around why can't school request any module and get it added. This is a security issue for the companies that host the moodle installations for us, and we enjoy having a product that is secure. This brought up a discussion around hosted vs non hosted.

    Interoperability update

    Musac have released a new websync tool and hopefully with the updates and supporting SMS v2.2 that it will provide better syncing of classes and students.

    KAMAR have been proactive in this area and supported SMS v2.2 for a while now.

    It was decided that the next meeting would be in weeks 5/6 term one next year, with the possibility of using video conferencing as a method of delivering the meeting, almost every Christchurch school now has a Video Conferencing unit and would see the meeting as serving two PD factors, being able to use VC and learn more about moodle and develop the ideas.

    We would love to have other schools join us, it is not about one vendor, it is about supporting teachers in their learning and development. It would be great to be able to run both meeting in Auckland and Christchurch at the same time through video conferencing, we just need a venue in Auckland to be able to support this.

    Schools should explore not only how ICT can supplement traditional ways of teaching but also how it can open up new and different ways of learning"
    -The NZ Curriculum (p36)

  • image

    It is easy to aggregate images from Flickr into your Moodle course.

    The Flickr repository function enables a user to log into their Flickr account and copy files directly from their Flickraccount into Moodle. To find out how visit:http://docs.moodle.org/20/en/Flickr_public_repository

    The Flickr public repository function enables a user to search Flickr and copy files from there into any of the Moodle file interfaces. To find out how visit: http://docs.moodle.org/20/en/Flickr_repository

    NB: this option needs to be enabled by your schools Moodle administrator before becoming available to teachers and students. If you do not have access ask for this functionality to be enabled.


  • Google Docs can serve both as a repository from which users can "pull" files they need into their Moodle course(s) and also as a portfolio into which Moodle users can "push" files they want to keep. All from within Moodle's HTML/TinyMCE editor 


    To find out how to enable this functionality and how to use it in your Moodle course visit 

    http://docs.moodle.org/20/en/Google_Docs_repository to discover how to pull files into your Moodle courses and visit  http://docs.moodle.org/20/en/Google_Docs_portfolio to learn how to "push" files into your schools Moodle server.

    You can export (push) items such as Moodle assignments, Moodle chat and Moodle forum posts to enabled Moodle Google Docs portfolios. This is an excellent way of archiving these types activities.


    NB: both options need to be enabled by your schools Moodle administrator before they are available to teachers and students. If you do not have access then ask for this functionality to be enabled.

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  • Moodle's Youtube repository allows users to search from within the HTML/TinyMCE editor for a YouTube video which they can then embed without the need for any coding. The option needs to be enabled by the administrator before it is available for teachers and students.

    To find out how to enable this functionality and how to use it in your Moodle course visit http://docs.moodle.org/20/en/Youtube_videos_repository

    NB: Only your schools Moodle administrators will have access to the configuration settings to enable this functionality. If you do not have access then ask for this functionality to be enabled

    :-) Happy learning



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